Friday, November 5, 2010

Power Chair Practice

It was a cold but beautiful day out, so I hauled Dakin and Jane outside to practice in his wheelchair. He's still not that into it, but since we live waaaaay down at the end of the street (where that white van is), you can see he's moving a lot anyway.
At one point I had to sing "Inch Dakin"--a variation on "Inchworm" that he just thinks is the funniest thing ever.

Inch Dakin, Inch Dakin. Measuring the inchy things. You and your power chair will probably go far...(though the version yesterday was 'you and your power chair aren't going very far.' It was like pulling teeth!!)
Dakin eventually gets sick of the paparazzi act and tells me 'no more'. He's still cute even when he's complaining.


Sky said...

he is too cute! one he sees all he fun places he can go, and do it by him self.... he will be all over it, its a new world!!!!

Kristen said...

He'll get the hang of it and then there will be no stopping him! : ) All we'll see of him in pictures is the back of his wheelchair!

April said...

Oh I just love that boy! I think I'd be picture happy too!!!

k and j said...

yay for the new chair! he is darling :)