Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Goofy

That's Dakinese for 'Happy Thanksgiving'. Sorry to be posting late, but I just wasn't feeling it yesterday, though we are beyond grateful for everything we have been given. And I should enumerate those blessings, so here they are:

We are grateful for:
  • The people who provide the electricity to run Dakin's ventilator
  • The doctors, nurses, therapists and case managers who worked hard in school to become great, and who continually work hard to keep Dakin healthy
  • Our amazing nurses, who love Dakin like their own
  • A medicaid system that has provided for his every need
  • An insurance company that has treated us fairly and with integrity
  • Yogurt and Carnation Instant Breakfast, since that is the bulk of what he eats
  • The Imagination Movers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington and Little Einsteins, for getting him through countless vest treatments and eating sessions
  • Our families, for being there for us and loving us
  • Our church family, who has loved and supported us like a real family. We truly feel they are one
  • Dear friends with whom we share the weight of a medically fragile child
  • The countless people who bend over backward for Dakin without even knowing him
  • Markers
  • Books
  • Powerchairs and suctioners
  • And most of all: a little boy who shines with life and happiness. Who believes he runs the world and lets you know. Who loves folding clothes and cleaning closets, singing songs and reading books and playing with play-doh. Who is the light of our world.

I could go on and on. We are truly, fully, and immensely blessed.

We spent the day cleaning closets and eating. (Look, that's just how I roll. I like cleaning. :) ) At dinner, Dakin said yes to being grateful for Mommy, but then said no to everything else until we got to Kamie (you may remember his church girlfriend). He's evidently grateful for her. He decided he was grateful for his nurses too. Dinner was so much fun--with him at the table, of course refusing to eat anything, but yakking up a storm and running his little hand along the table. He did manage to stick his hand in the cranberry jello...I'm grateful that he can do that too.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sky said...

loving this post! Big hugs to that little sunshine man!!!!

Victoria Strong said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweet Lovelace family. We love you dearly!

Kristen said...

Beautiful post! I'm glad that you had a nice thanksgiving!

The Herrera's said...

haha I love it!!!