Friday, July 23, 2010


So one might be inclined to think that a child on a ventilator might have some trouble with large bodies of water.

You would be right.

Buuuuuuuuuuut, I never let a silly thing like difficulty stop me. We took Dakin swimming yesterday in my awesome friend Liz's pool. After thoroughly gearing Dakin up in a special built-in floatie swimsuit and an innertube, we got in. Now, this isn't Dakin's first time in a pool. We went last year, but we didn't have a setup like this. Needless to say, Dakin wasn't thrilled with the accoutrements. We ended up taking the floaties out and the innertube off, and he was much happier after that. He kicked at the freed floaties, and splashed with his hand.
It was fun. A great huge thank you to poor Jane who had to hold the ventilator to keep it out of the water. Mind you, she did this in near 100-degree heat.


Junior said...

Dakin so glad you got to play in the pool, looks like lots of fun

Stitch 'N Love said...

Glad that he finally figured out that he could like the pool! Such great strides!!!!

Love to all the family.

Colleen said...

I love it!! That's a great set up you have with the innertube. I'm glad he got to have summer fun in the pool. Isaac has a kiddie pool, but I'm always afraid to put more than an inch of water in it=)

TMI Tara said...

Oh I just love these pix. Dakin is so lucky to have a mom like you who lets him LIVE such a full life!

I've missed sweet Dakin. Sorry I haven't been by for awhile, but since starting work and getting rid of the internet at our house, there just hasn't been the opportunities to blog hop that there used to. But I'm glad to see you guys are having a fun summer!!!

Sara said...

AWESOME!!!! I'm sorry I've been MIA - I have missed you guys!!


Dana said...

Love it!!!! Who says these kids can't swim. That's what summer is about when you are a kid.