Saturday, July 10, 2010

Butterfly House

I never got around to blogging about this, but a few weeks back we needed to see the orthopedic doc. I set it up so we could go to Dallas for the appointment because I wanted to take Dakin to the Butterfly House at Discovery Gardens.

It was amazing, but incredibly hot and humid--even more humid than outside, but that's because they're tropical butterflies. It's a beautiful setup--you start one story up and walk down along a long ramp to a picturesque garden-type setting. We got there just in time to watch them releasing the new butteflies. These ones here are blue morphos--they're HUGE and their wings are this entrancing blue. I wish they would have opened their wings for the picture... Dakin enjoyed seeing the butterflies flit around for a little while, but he started sweating pretty quickly. It was just too much in there. We're going to try to go back in October.


Colleen said...

How fun! Dakin probably really enjoyed it even though it was hot & humid=)

Darren and Jody said...

Hi Devon,

Dakin is such a cute little boy!!!!

Kristen said...

We took the girls two summers ago to a butterfly house in Niagara Falls. It was awesome! I bet that Dakin loved watching them!

Sara said...

You guys should come to Houston. We could meet (YAY!) and go to the Museum of Natural Science. They have a whole big butterfly center, it is AWESOME!! Here is a link:
It is only $8 per adult and $7 per child over 3 yrs old. Plus, you can see parts of of the museum for free while you are there. You know...IF you're ever in Houston :)