Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just So

Just so relatives don't start fussing at me for not posting (wink), here is a recap of Dakin's week--it was a good one.

We went to Storytime for the first time at our local library. Dakin kind of sat back and took everything in--he was looking slightly aloof at the whole thing. The part he really enjoyed was the renegade child who was running back and forth across the room.

We made it to the swings this week as well--Dakin was all smiles for the 45 minutes we were pushing him.

The highlight of the week (for Dakin, anyway) was the two days they spent tearing up my front lawn to redo the water lines. That meant there was a CONSTRUCTION VEHICLE in our front yard! Yes, you read that right--Dakin had his very own trackhoe. We sat outside for a half hour watching it dig a perfect rectangle. He thought that was marvelous, and had fun watching the guys doing it. Now there is a lovely large mound of dirt in roughly the shape of two graves--we were commenting that it was too bad they couldn't have done it in October. (YAY! Halloween is coming!!!)

Well, I wanted to post pics, but the camera is rebelling again. That's it for now.


April said...

I love that he loves BOY stuff! SO cute!

Azure said...

Sounds like Dakin had a very entertaining week! 45 minutes on the swing and a backhoe? Boy heaven! :)