Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mud Hut Again

Look at these sweet boys! These are our buds Max and Spencer from across the street. Their awesome mom, Nichole, was the one who sat outside in the 100-degree heat to get petition signatures, if you remember. We are lucky to have such good friends.

Anyway, in my newfound not-so-nervous-about-germs state of mind, we have had a few little playdates with these guys. They are both so great with Dakin--Max is always making sure Dakin is included. These pics are from Mud Hut storytime--they came with us last week!! And here's Dakin's egg. Yellow, of course. Now it also has blue stripes and purple spots and butterflies. I don't have pics of Max and Spencer's eggs, but they enjoyed painting them. I think our nurse Jane is starting to hate the Mud Hut. See her squeezing that stupid AMBU bag? Bet you can't guess why...yep, we blew another fuse on the backup battery. We have been home from the hospital for nearly two years, and we have blown a fuse three times. TWICE of those times were at the Mud Hut. So next time we go with spare fuses. Won't get fooled again.

Hopefully Max and Spencer can go too!!


Junior said...

Neat to see pics of Dakin and his buddies. Cool egg Dakin.

BLove said...

Come on now. You would think big Dakin would know to keep fuses in the car atleast.

The Fish Family said...

We just love Dakin!
So much fun to do story time with him!

Mandy said...

Oh Devon how fun for him to have some buddies that include him!! Nothing means more to a mom than seeing your kids having fun with others!! Touches my heart!! Love the egg Dakin!! Great job! :) He is ever so cute!! Hope you are having a good week and fun weekend!!

Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun!