Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exciting News--Lemonade for Dakin

Sorry about the lack of posting lately...I've just

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you all know about some pretty awesome things going on. Firstly, there is a contest going on--it's the Pepsi Refresh Project, and they're giving away some serious money! StopSMA, an organization dedicated to curing SMA, is in third place at the moment. Please take a moment to vote here, and you can vote every day!

The next bit of news is thrilling for us: a friend of mine, from a website that I joined when pregnant (one of the best decisions I ever made...but more on that later. It will have its own post) has started a group to help raise money for Dakin's handicapped van. I haven't asked if I can use her name here, so I won't, but she wants to do a lemonade stand each year with her little one (who is the same age as Dakin) for a worthy cause, and she chose us this year.

Her plan is to encourage others to hold lemonade stands to help us raise this money. We are so flattered and humbled that we have been chosen for this...I am really touched by her friendship.

You can become a fan on Facebook at Lemonade for Dakin. Check it out! Maybe a lemonade stand is just what your neighborhood needs! *wink wink*

More on Lemonade for Dakin later as well...but for now.


Junior said...

That is wonderful news, praying that Dakin has his van in no time at all.

We are working on raising funds for a van as well. Junior is getting so big.

Denise said...

Oh, he is so cute...I could look at pics of him all day. I don't think I already mentioned this but when I was at Miss Zoey's birthday party a couple weeks ago, I got to meet Gwendolyn and her family. We talked alot about you guys and they said how great you were when they meet you, etc. etc. I told them that I was bummed that I had just barely found your blog before we were in TX so we weren't able to meet you. They are such an awesome family!!!

Jodie said...

I would love to do a lemonade stand in my town. Please let me know what to do and when. Can I just tell you how stinkin' cute Dakin is??? He always has a smile on his face!

Colleen said...

That's awesome. We had a lemonade stand one year and raised money for our local therapy center. It was a wonderful experience for my daughter and her friends. I hope you will soon raise the money you need for a van!

April said...

What a wonderful idea!! I'm just tickled for you!

Valerie said...

What wonderful friends to help organize that! And a great idea to be able to get others involved. :)

I voted earlier today and now I see the foundation is #1. Hope it continues.

Amanda said...

What great news!