Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Begging You

And I don't beg. You may have heard that the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation has a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS from Chase bank. GSF has pledged to use the full one million to cure SMA and to raise awareness. With research being SO CLOSE to a CURE, they have to win. They just have to... if SMA research could at some time be approved for all SMA-family disease, it could be a cure for Dakin. sweet boy walking. Or even just breathing without the help of a machine. No one in the US is researching Dakin's disease, so this is, literally, our only hope. Please, take a few minutes, beginning January 15th, to give my son a chance.

A chance to play in the rain without worrying about a ventilator, a chance to dance at prom, a chance to play kickball or jump in autumn leaves.

All you have to do is vote for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation on the Chase Community Giving page on Facebook, starting on January 15th. You have 5 votes to end this killer forever.

The embed code:

I have accepted much with Dakin's condition--he will never walk, never go many things I have learned to have to be ok with. But this contest gives me an opportunity to really hope--that's not something I get to do often. Help us out. Don't forget to vote and tell everyone you know. Thanks.


Heather said...

Beg away.Starting to do my part.Little that it may be.Will be posting about it on the 15th and have posted the video on my facebook and have recruited friends for the cause.Wish there were more I could do.But I won't stop trying.anything for Dakin,Gwendolyn and all of there beautiful buddies.Will beg everyone i know to be part of watching a miracle happen.

Junior said...

wow, what an exciting thing, we will certainly be voting.

Amanda said...

You can count on my vote!

Valerie said...

I'm putting it on my calendar to vote! And I'll post it on my Facebook page and blog soon. I can't imagine your hope and desperation. I'm sure all of the choices will be worthwhile, but if they are as close to a cure as you say, the prize sounds like a HUGE step closer.