Friday, January 29, 2010


It's been a while since I've done an update on the little things Dakin is doing, so I thought tonight would be a good night (killing time waiting for Dada to let me play Warhawk). Besides, it's just a good thing to do.

1. His newest trick is saying 'yeah'. It's the cutest darn thing ever--I love his little voice. I'll try to get a video of it. We're trying to get him to do it at appropriate times, and he's getting there. Speech says she would prefer a 'yes' but we'll take a 'yeah'. He's very funny with his speaking. He's so communicative, but he does it with eyes and gestures more than words. He is behind on speech, but who can blame him with the trach? We're progressing, though. He can make syllables that are difficult for most kiddos at this age (according to Speech) but then can't or won't make some of the easiest sounds. Example: la and ra. He has no problem saying either letter, but can't/won't do pa.

2. He is just too darn smart. When he watches Little Einsteins, he will answer the questions they ask, and most of the time get it right. I don't know if it's crazy coincidence or if he really is getting it. I prefer to think the latter. :)

3. He gets his whole body into things: for example, raspberry blowing. We had a raspberry battle the other day, and he definitely won because we were laughing so hard at how he does it. He doesn't just move his face, he moves everything he can. It's too funny.

4. He is beginning to be so interested in things. He has loved butterflies for a long time, and now he's really into cars. He's also interested in rainbows and the plants I am sprouting on the table. I love seeing him 'wake up' mentally and really learn. It's hard to tell how much he takes in, since he doesn't do much by way of feedback, but if you question him later he's got it.

5. He likes to sing with me. (I HAVE to put a video up of this.) We have 8 or 9 songs from Little Einsteins that I'll sing and leave a particular word out of, and he'll fill it in. It's amazing!

OK, enough bragging for tonight, I guess. Hope you all are having a good day!


Junior said...

woohoo, way to go Dakin, awesome news

Amanda said...

Good looks AND brains, you sure did luck out ;). If a mom can't brag about her kid, who else is gonna do it?

Jodie said...

Awww....thanks for sharing what Dakin is up to! He seems like such a smart little guy!

Colleen said...

You have one amazing little boy there! He is so darn cute and smart too!

Victoria Strong said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos in the last few posts. Oh my gosh the cuddle one, and the coloring one, and the impish smirk -- oh I could just eat him up!!! Sending big hugs!!!

Valerie said...

Lots of progress going on! Sounds like he is fun and smart and we all already know he's cute!!!