Monday, May 25, 2009

Internet Issues

Sorry for not posting. Our internet has once again showed the ugly side of its personality and has been completely non-functional the last 2 days--I'm posting quickly just in case it dies again.

All is well. We had no night nursing this weekend--our poor nurse is sick! But we did manage to get to church and Dakin did an amazing job of entertaining himself while I taught the third hour. He's such a good boy.

Anyhow. Hope everyone is well and Happy Memorial Day!


Junior said...

bummer about the internet. Have a great holiday, big hugs

Mandy said...

Awesome he did so well at church!! What do you teach!? I am Enrichment Leader. If you have any fun ideas would love them!! :) I have always been in the primary so I feel really lost in Relief Society!! SO any kind of advice if you have any would be great!!
We had an ok Memorial Weekend how was yours?? Can't wait to hear more. Take care

Keri said...

Your Internet too, eh? I sware, ever since IE 8 I've been having a boat load of problems and I'm not happy!! Just glad I'm finally able to come get a glimpse of Dakin! My little hero.