Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yay Christmas!

Mommy and Daddy would love to put up some pictures, but for some silly reason Mommy only took a idea why. But Dakin enjoyed his second Christmas very much. He made off like a bandit with tons and tons of loot. He got a Star Turtle (which Mommy is very excited about since she has wanted it for him since she was pregnant) which projects constellations on the ceiling in blue, amber or green. He's now working on saying star (which comes out as "tar") and seems to enjoy looking at them. He also got an Elmo Live and a TMX Cookie Monster, both of which he is a little wary of, like he doesn't quite trust them. His library was vastly expanded, thank goodness, because another reading of One Fish Two Fish might have finished Mommy off for good. He also got some balls to play with, some beautiful ornaments, finger puppets, a feeding set, an outfit and a Cookie Monster clock. Lastly, he got a Star Stacker and a mobile of the solar system. Of course, however, his favorite part of the whole thing was the wrapping paper, which he thoroughly enjoyed kicking around. It was a great Christmas and we are hoping for many many more!


Tara & Mark said...

It was our second Christmas to, lol. How is Dakin doing? It sounds like he is going to enjoy his loot! We are doing treatments every couple of hours, poor kid. She takes it like a champ though. Thanks about the page, There is a place you can go where you just pick which one you want... and its free, Yay. There is a little box on the top of our page that tells you where you can go to get them, if you haven't been there already. We are on the Valproic Acid and Carnitor trial(VPA). I think its the Carnival trial?

Tara & Mark said...

Hey Devon, its
Thats where you get Blog layouts. Have fun with it!