Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Potato Soup and the Wagon

We forgot to mention the other day that Dakin also got a wagon for Christmas! We had a hard time finding one that would be appropriate, since we needed a sturdy metal one with wooden sides. We wanted to be able to take him out on walks, since we have no idea when we'll be getting his specialized stroller and he can't sit up in his regular one. So this one we found at a farm supply store and it's perfect! It fits him and his Bumbo chair, his ventilator, his suctioner and his emergency bag so we don't have to carry anything at all, which is a nice change for us.

We got to take it out for a spin yesterday. He seemed to really enjoy himself looking at everything. We try to make the most of these outings since he barely ever gets to see more than our living room.

Dakin had a big day yesterday--a walk, Physical Therapy and eating Mommy's potato soup. PT didn't go great great, since he's having a harder time now holding up his head unsupported in some fashion. We're not sure why this is--it's either muscle loss or the fact his noggin has gotten so big in the last little while, along with his spine growing a bunch really quickly. We're hoping that his muscles just need a little time to catch up. He's pretty much totally lost the ability to sit unsupported, but when you watch him it's almost like his head is just weighing him down. I guess we'll see. He stood up against the exercise ball for PT, though, which was good. We wanted to post some of the potato soup pictures, since they made us giggle and thought they might give a good laugh to everyone. He managed to squirm his way down from my lap, so that's why the pictures are upside down. Enjoy!


Kimberley said...

Loved your post! He is so sweet Devon! It's surprising to me how strong he is! He looks like he's really going to enjoy that wagon. Dakin might make good use of a tumbleforms chair (or something similar) for sitting if he's having trouble holding his head up. This could be just temporary. Kaitlyn goes through weak spells sometimes after rapid growth! Take care guys, Kim

Whit, Lindsey, and Jonas said...

Oh, how cute! Love the wagons for Christmas! I think that is so great how he can sit up so well. I guess the same as Kimberley..he is strong. maybe you'll have to email me and explain the difference with SMARD. Keep having fun! Stay healthy!