Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First haircut and Santaland!

Before (shaggy head)
After (you can't see a great difference in the pics, but trust me, there is one!)

Well, Dakin's daddy had been bugging Mommy about getting Dakin's hair cut for some time--he was growing wings. Mommy finally acquiesced and called over a good friend to do it for us (we were afraid to take him to a kiddie cut place where RSV, Asian bird flu, the plague and who knows what else is dwelling on every surface). Mommy was a little teary while it was being done, but he looks great, and so much like a little boy now instead of a baby. He didn't care for it too much, but took it like a man.

Last night we had the amazing opportunity to go to the Santaland lights near Lindale, TX--a huge drive-through Christmas light display. We packed Dakin and all his stuff up and drove about 45 minutes to get there. We were a little nervous that there would be a long wait (which in the car isn't good with "normal" children, much less one on a ventilator) but the line moved steadily and we drove through a beautiful wooded area filled with Christmas lights. On the way in there's music synchronized with moving lights (which was Daddy's favorite part) and Dakin enjoyed that. While in there, Dakin just stared, totally engrossed in the spectacle. It was a truly special activity that we are so glad that we got to share with him.


Whit, Lindsey, and Jonas said...

Devin is adorable! I'm sad that you don't live in Utah...I think that Jonas and Devin would be good buddies! Maybe you should move...lol!!
Hope you don't mind I added you to our friends list. Happy Holidays!

Kimberley said...

Dakin's not a baby anymore! He's very handsome Devin. My guys look pretty scruffy now too! Everytime I cut their hair we say the same thing....they look so grown up. I'm glad you got to take your precious boy to something so special. We really do have to make the effort to take them places. Thanks for being such a good role model! Merry Christmas, Kim & Kaitlyn

Tara & Mark said...

He looks so so cute with his hair cut. Its amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it?