Monday, September 24, 2012

More Dakinisms and School Update

School has gone extremely well thus far.  He has missed quite a bit....we are still trying to gauge his strength level, so he hasn't had an entire week just yet.  But he is really enjoying it.  The little girls in his class have all befriended him as well, which really makes my heart happy. I love how oblivious 4 year olds are to difference....wish we were all like that.

Anyhoo: Dakinisms

I tickled him, and he started brushing his ribs where I did it.  He said he was 'brushing the tickles off.'

Today I was really tired, and expressed it by saying how exhausted I was.  He said, "No! You're not exhausted!" and started hitting me, saying, "I will hit exhausted out! Out! Out, exhausted!" Strange child.  :)

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