Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Sun...Something's Begun

Hello! Long time, no see! (Where you been, anyhow??) 

So it is summer.  My LEAST favorite time of year.  It is too dang hot around here. 

However, this summer is special, because it is the LAST summer that my boy will NOT be in school.

That's right.  At the END of this summer, Dakin will go into PreK. 


So while I am collecting the pieces of my heart from the floor (and trying to breathe), I am trying desperately to have the BEST SUMMER EVER.  Which around here means to do something amazingly awesome EVERY DAY.

Fortunately, I have been cyber-hoarding ideas on Pinterest for just such a situation.

So, we have been making bird feeders for the fat cardinal who lives in the backyard with his girlfriend..

And we have been painting on the driveway...

And using monster trucks to paint...

 And applying tattoo after tattoo.  This is the first year Dakin has actually been into them...and of course they are of his beloved monster trucks. 

We have also randomly been making Halloween stuff.  Well, ok, only one Halloween stuff, but you know how we are around here (only four and a half months to go!!!!).  Dakin saw me looking through my Pinterest page and saw this skeleton--he declared he wanted to make it.  So we did.
He named the skeleton Witch.

So this is the first of much awesomeness to come.  Brace yourself. Hold on to your hats.  It's getting crazy up in here.

(Also, the latest Dakinisms:

Daddy was pretending to bite me and Dakin says, "NO! She's my best friend!!" ((AW, heart melted!))

We were putting him to bed and he was asking what everything was saying (he is at a stage where he thinks things talk...).

Dakin: "What is the sun saying?"
Me: "The sun is saying it's time to go to bed."
Dakin:"What is the sky saying?"
Me: "The sky is saying it's time for bed."
Dakin: "What is the [ceiling] fan saying?"
Me: "The fan is saying it's time for bed."
Dakin: "No, the fan is saying WHEEEEE!"


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liseli said...

Your Dakin is so funny! Happy summer :)