Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big Boy...Sometimes

I was attempting--in vain-- today to snuggle with my little man. He refused. When I asked him why, he said' "I'm a big boy." However, that didn't stop him from snuggling later and asking me to sing our secret song while burying his head in my neck. It was an absolutely glorious moment.

I win.

Other little gems from Dakin lately include: Him getting annoyed with me about not getting to play Angry Birds, and saying, "Devon. I have a question. Angry Birds. That's it." (Devon? When did we get on a first name basis??)

Following that conversation, when I asked him what Daddy's first name was, he informed me it is Superman. (which is true, incidentally, though he would never admit it.)

Dakin wanted me to buy him Angry Birds Rio two days ago, and I kept refusing. He said, "It's Mothers' Day. You HAVE to get Rio."

We were watching ABC World News the other night when they did a story on sleep apnea. He asked what it was about and I told him it was about people who couldn't breathe when they slept and that they needed to do something about it. He said, "Get a trach!" HA.

His new thing is saying that he is trying to make me laugh, which he does a good job of...he is hilarious right now.

Lastly, his nurse had just gotten done suctioning him and evidently the vent wasn't making him happy. He fussed about it to his nurse and he finally said, "Va, (that's his nurse Jane.) I'm supposed to BREATHE."


Angel Read said...

He sounds like a fun little guy! And very cute... I love his chubby cheeks!

Marcus and Jenny said...

That's pretty much awesome. What a funny little man you have on your hands:)