Thursday, April 19, 2012


It has been so gorgeous here lately...broken foot notwithstanding, we have tried to get out as much as we can and enjoy it before it turns devilishly hot.  We have been enjoying walking and letting Dakin drive around in his powerchair.  I do have one thing to chat about, but other than that there really isn't a tremendous amount to report, other than just the joy of living our normal.  Just to record a few things, though...and here is where I do it. 

Firstly, however, we had our first meeting with the school.  They seemed great, very open to accomodating Dakin and his needs as much as possible.  He seemed to enjoy the experience, and said he wants to go back.  The jury is still out, though...I want so much to keep him here with me, but I don't know if that is what is best for him.  I need to do more research.

Dakin in a 'tent'.  :)

Anyway, now to the other stuff:

We were outside letting Dakin drive around, and I wanted to hold his hand (I am just cheesy like that).  At one point I let go, and he asked to hold mine again.  :)  I love that he is little enough that I still get to enjoy things like that.

Dakin, talking about the English Bulldog across the street whom he absolutely loves: "He talks crazy in Spanish!"  (huh?  haha!)

Dakin naming dwarves: "Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Badger."

For Super Why viewers: I laid Dakin down on my bed so we could work on Spring Cleaning in there, and he insisted he be put on the floor. I asked him why not the bed, and he said "Because it's my story. Dakin needs to lie down."

Dakin, irritated at me for whatever it was I wasn't doing fast enough for him...
Me: "You are being--"(he cuts me off)
Dakin: "Patient!"
Me: "No, you are being IMpatient!"
Dakin: "No, I am OUTpatient!"

Whew, ok.  Glad all that is recorded!

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April said...

Oh I love that boy! :) xo!