Sunday, April 8, 2012


We once more have a USB that works!!  Just in time for Easter...hooray!  We had a fantastic Easter weekend--probably the biggest highlight of it was that Dakin was actually excited about it this year.  He was pumped for the egg hunt, excited for the Easter Bunny--it was really cute to see him so excited.  So, without further ado: Our weekend.

First up, we had the egg hunt at the church.  Dakin loved it, and the friend in charge made him a little patch to hunt in all by himself so he wouldn't be competing with two-legged, quicker small beings.  Look at his face!  So happy.

And Easter morning.  Mommy's foot is still broken, so no church for us today, but we had fun at home.  He was happy with his basket, which was comprised of monster trucks, a semi and a bulldog toy.  Ignore the respiratory equipment in the background. 

 He wavered between naming the dog 'Dog' and 'Spanky', but finally settled on the latter--Spanky is, of course, the English bulldog who lives across the street from us and who is Dakin's best bud.

We made some nest treats (almond bark, chow mein noodles and cadbury mini eggs).  Dakin had fun helping stir and put the eggs on.

Then we dyed eggs.  I thought we would try three different methods this year:  plain old dyeing, volcano dyeing, and swirl dyeing.  Hence the sheer amount of STUFF needed.  Too bad I didn't buy the big bag of baking soda...and yes, that is a computer monitor in the back.  We have a new one and I haven't gotten around to recycling that old one because my foot is kind of broken.  So it is living on the table.  Hush.
 Dakin loved the volcano dyeing...he loves anything involving vinegar and baking soda.

 And then we headed outside for our egg hunt.

The Easter Bunny hid 5.00 in quarters for Dakin to find.  He was pretty happy about that. 

All in all, an excellent Easter.  Hope yours was excellent as well!


Junior said...

Happy Easter. Dakin it looks like you had a blast, love seeing your big smile.

Kristy said...

So glad you all had a nice Easter!

janzi said...

What a happy child your boy looks.. I always wonder how parents manage to keep it all togther so successfully that the child feels quite normal and that is truly a gift you have obviously. Your little darling looks wonderful and so handsome, hope you all have a super year after such a nice Easter. Glad I came upon your blog.. all the best, from across the pond! j

anita said...

Thank you for your blog! I'm a SMARD Grandma, always looking for more information and research. Thank you for sharing.