Friday, April 15, 2011

It's That Time Again

For the last two springs I have posted about what I love about Dakin at the moment. Since spring has certainly sprung around here, it's time for me to get to it!!

I love that he can recite the first two (long) pages of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. I have to record it and put it on here...too cute.
I love that he loves to go 'camping'-- where we take him in his room and he plays with the toys stored under his bed. He LOVES this.
I love that he likes to stick his finger in my ear while I yell "Ew! Ew! No fingers in the ear!!". He thinks that's hilarious.
I love that he loves his little matchbox cars.
I love that he loves his two little boats and playing in the water with them.
I love that he knows his way all around his iPad.
I love that he will try to sneak watching videos on it until I figure out what he's doing. I then ask him if he is supposed to be watching them and he smiles and says, "no," and turns it off.
I love that he loves to help me clean.
I love how confident he is becoming...not getting as scared in unfamiliar situations. He didn't freak out as much at his doctor appointments this last week and only complained a little bit getting his hair cut today.
I love how sweet and silly he is.
I love that he loves to play and make people laugh.
I love that he knows all the words to his Imagination Movers songs.
I love that the makes connections between things so quickly...he sees patterns quickly and tells me about them. He will tell me how things are like or different from each other.
I love that he loves to eat out.
I love that he loves to drop off our recycling. We pull into the parking lot and he starts saying "Recycle! Recycle!"
I love how closely he pays attention to things and tells me about them.
I love how he tells me " All done leeping!" when he wakes up from his nap, and before it when he doesn't want to sleep.
I love that he has attitude and if he doesn't like something he will tell you.
I love how he says "I don't like that" when I get out a certain's one of those ones where you put your hand in and it leaves an impression of it in the plastic needle-like things...I don't know what they are called, but he hates it. I keep hoping he will like it, but to no avail...
I love that he likes being in his back brace. I really think it is making a difference.
I love how he loves his Easter books...I Need an Easter Egg and Max and the Chocolate Chicken.

Ok. That is good for now. I love my sweet boy!!


Colleen said...

This post made me smile! You have such a sweet, sweet boy!

Sky said...

oh he is a doll I love him too and !!!!!his cute little ways! awesome post (:

Jodie said...

What an amazing little boy he is!

James--the four shots a day kid said...

Good post. LOved the part about he back brace. DO they really help or are they just there to annoy us? :) Happy spring.