Saturday, April 2, 2011

Getting Over It

Dakin appears, at least a little, to be getting over his fear of the park (you may remember last September when he strained his hip going down the slide. Not good times). For a while there, he didn't even want to set foot in a park, much less swing.
But we took advantage of the perfect weather this week and headed back to the newly-upgraded park, which is now a ton more handicap-accessible. It's awesome!! And Dakin obviously enjoyed it, though I think his favorite part was sitting at the tables and watching everyone (he insisted we do this). When we went the other week he made us sit there too, and said, "happy birthday," so I am not sure if he is associating this park with the one where we had his party last October, or his bud Spencer's party which was at that same park. Either way, he has a long memory.


Valerie said...

That's great that the park is handicap-accessible. Glad that he enjoyed it so much and that the weather was warm enough. We got several inches of snow last night. Sigh!

April said...

How fun to have a park that works for him- sweet boy!