Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This morning I packed Dakin up and took him to vent clinic, entirely certain I would be spending tonight in the hospital with him. That snot has not cleared up, and I was thinking pneumonia, etc., etc.

We got there at 10, signed in (we were first again! Ha!), and went to lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant, where Dakin enjoyed some thyme pie and told me the salt shakers were buoys.

Then back to clinic for our appointment at noon. The RTs came in and ran all sorts of tests: nose swabs, RSV tests, blood gases, etc. Our amazing nurse prac and awesome pulmonologist popped in and said they thought it might be pneumonia (oh goody). A few minutes later, and they were back. Contrary to the pneumonia declaration, they said he just has some atalectasis (lung collapse) in his upper right lobe. They sent us home (YAY!) with some Tobramycin, some Pulmozyme and directions to continue aggressive CPT on that lobe. No problem there: I am the CPT queen.

So thank goodness. I even had the hospital bag packed and ready in the car. They also said his weight gain was good, which was a surprise.

In a spirit of celebration, we went to Whole Foods. We're big partyers.

Now, to the wow. When I got home there was a letter in my mailbox from Dakin's insurance company. (Background: earlier this year we had asked, and had been rejected for, Synagis shots to protect Dakin against RSV--a very very bad virus. We appealed the decision and were waiting to hear a response). ANYWAY. So the letter said that they had forwarded our request for Synagis shots to their medical specialist. The specialist evidently told them that with Dakin's disorder, yes, he needs Synagis, and not just for this RSV season, but for every RSV season for the rest. of. his. life.


I am absolutely flabbergasted. I can not believe that this has happened for us: I never have to worry about those shots ever again.

We have been very lucky with Dakin's insurance company: they have always treated us with integrity, but this is absolutely above and beyond. I am shocked and grateful.

And I really hope that wherever their specialist is tonight, that she is having an amazing week.


Sky said...

amazing amazing amazing! So glad your home, and Thank God for RSV shots for life, that is a first that Ive heard this, so very very cool!!!!

Tara & Mark said...

Wow, that is so AWESOME! Did you happen to save your appeal letter? I would love to borrow a copy if you have one!

Junior said...

congrats, so happy to hear about the insurance covering the shots.
Also so very glad you did not end up needing to stay at the hospital.

Zoey's mom said...

Wish that snot would go away.so glad you are home and what a blessing on the Synagis shots.One less thing to fight and have to worry about!

*Love whole Foods... great place to party!

Kristy said...

Wonderful! I hope he's feeling better today.

Stitch 'N Love said...

Totally awesome on all accounts! My newborn nephew came down with a mild case of RSV last month...

Hope that 2011 remains a year of WOW's for your family!

Jenny said...

wow! That is A.MAZ.ING!!! Tender mercy huh? And, way big YEAH for being sent with with some meds. How nice. I hate sleeping in the hospital -- I always come home sick! Anyway, again, awesome about that insurance.

Colleen said...

Thats good news. Isaac only had his until he was 2 and then caught a nasty case of RSV last winter...its so worth it to have the shot!

Amy S. said...

I have tears in my eyes. Yay for Dakin being okay, and yay for awesome generous insurance. :)

Kristen said...

I love to hear great news, especially when it comes to all of these kiddos! Yay for Dakin!! Hoping that everything clears up soon!