Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Found rarely in humans, and never in a duck. We grew up quoting that line...it's from a Looney Tunes show.

I am evidently a duck. I want Dakin to be fully over this cold and back to his old self. BUT:

Fact: It takes people a while to get over being sick
Fact: Dakin has a neuromuscular disease with major respiratory involvement
Fact: It's a little harder for those with the aforementioned disease to recover as quickly.

SO: hurry up and wait. But I hate waiting.

ANYWAY. For your reading pleasure, a Conversations with Dakin piece:

Dakin: (Upon overhearing me say that night nurse Denise might need to suction him when he got in bed) No eeuh (that is Dakinese for suction)! No eeuh Dakin! No eeuh Daddy. No eeuh Mommy. No eeuh Denise. No eeuh car game. No eeuh car.

He agreed to let me suction his light stick, but then reneged.


Colleen said...

I hope he gets better real soon. I hate having wait for wellness.

Greek Goddess said...

Hey, my family quotes that patience line, too. I've never heard anyone else quote it, so you made me smile! :)
Get well soon!

Presley & Charlotte Gleason said...

HAHAAAAA Love the Dakinism! Pres says, "no kuction presme. Kucktion Harley(the dog), kuction baby (the doll), Kuction honkas(pocahontas)!!!" She passes it off on everyone! These two, I'm tellin ya!

Maria B. said...

Dakin is such a cutie! That's why I like seeing videos because you can really see the child's personality. Feel better soon!