Friday, October 15, 2010

Ma Mao

You know, sometimes the generosity that others have shown to Dakin just floors me. Total strangers have gone so far and above what they 'need' to do or 'should' do for him. It is constantly a source of amazement.

Take Ma Mao here (aka How Ma Mao--for those who don't speak Dakinese, that's Warehouse Mouse from Imagination Movers). I had wanted to get Dakin a Ma Mao for a while, but they're not currently being sold, and the only one I could find was 35.00 on eBay. So in steps Day Nurse Jane's sister--I won't say her name since I didn't ask her if I could, in case you're wondering...

She is a maven of all things involving sewing (she made Dakin a beautiful blanket a year or so ago--don't know why I never blogged about that!!), and so she offered to make Dakin a Ma Mao. Her granddaughter insisted on watching an episode right away so they would be sure to get him right. And here he is.

Isn't he great?! Dakin LOVES him. He is so perfect--fluffy, soft and squeezable. Thank you so so much, Jane's sister, for putting in so much time and effort to create something for our little boy to love. It really means so much to us.
(And he's going to go perfectly with Dakin's Halloween costume...but more on that later!!)


Junior said...

Love it,f so cute, you can tell Dakin thinks it is great.

Colleen said...

Very cute and so nice for her to make that for him!

April said...

What a wonderful heart felt gift!