Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's 10-10-10. I have to blog today, right? Too cool of a day to waste. So I thought I'd talk about some of my favorite Dakin-isms from this week.

Firstly, he has decided he's in love with Lucy from Peanuts. We've watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" at least 4 times this week. He just wants to see's cute. Though she's horrible (and we have had that discussion with him) there's just no stopping the love for "Lulee." In this pic he has her mask on his head (it's a vinyl sticker from his book version of The Great Pumpkin).
of course, as I was trying to take this picture, he was attempting to pull the sticker off after he had placed it there so nicely...

Secondly, he's discovered he can whisper. Today in church he was being his loud self and I was trying to shoosh him, so he started whispering--very cute. That was just while the Sacrament was being passed, though. After, he went right back to being loud.

Let's see...what else? We went to a local craft fair on Thursday, and the Kiwanis had a giant (I mean massive) black Newfoundland walking around on his leash. Dakin of course fell in love with him (his name is Rico). As we stood talking to Rico's owner, Jane (our day nurse) asked the owner what kind of a dog he was. Without hesitation, Dakin piped in and said "black." Well duh, Jane.

Dakin's been learning the 'weirder' colors--lavender, sky blue, olive green. He likes to tell me what kind of color it is after naming it. Ex: He'll say 'lalaba, ty purpa.' (Lavender, type of purple). Well, the other day he had a plain purple marker in his hand and said, 'purpa. Ty purpa.' Yes Dakin. Purple is a type of purple.

We've just been up to a ton of stuff this week. Mud Hut and the library (his favorite place besides Walmart) for storytime, the park for playgroup and the craft fair. I got to take him with me to the library and Walmart again yesterday, as well as Hobby Lobby. With all this newfound freedom, I am reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally going to hate going on lockdown... :(


Zoey's mom said...

No fun on lock down.Necessary evil I know.

So smart Dakin is..Seems as if his little brain is going through a big growth spurt ... amazing stuff coming out of his precious mouth.

Love the sticker and think it's a kick that he is in love with Lucy!

April said...

He is such a smart little man! I love that he loves Lucy! :)

Maria B. said...

Love the Halloween decor from previous post, the skeleton - not so much :~( How lucky is Dakin to have a Mom like you with background in Education. He will be in good hands and will most probably be more advanced than his peers.