Monday, June 7, 2010

It Has Begun

And I'm having mixed feelings about

Tonight we were watching 'Lie to Me' when Mekhi Phifer's (did I spell that right? I'm lame) character answered a question with a "hell yeah."

All of a sudden a little voice from the floor: "a yeah." I thought that little voice wasn't paying any attention to the TV. Wrong. Dada and I of course were trying to mask our laughter so as not to encourage the little voice.

So he's become a mynah bird. I have been looking forward to this--I mean, he's been doing it for a little bit, but not with the the shows we watch in the evening, just his shows. Fortunately, I have always been really picky about what we'll watch when he's awake, but I guess we just have to be more so now. It's GREAT, because it means his speech is improving. Of course, the down side is I have to watch what we say

So I guess I'm happy. I'm glad to have to watch what I say/watch for fear a little ear will hear and repeat.


Junior said...

Dakin it is great to hear that you are talking so much.

Too funny, but also awesome to have to worry about him repeating you. Way to go with your speech Dakin

Mary said...

So cute. Kids have a way of letting us see how we are doing. Like little mirrors. Way to go Dakin

Foster mama K said...

Ha ha! Its hard not to laugh when they say something like that. The baby I care for is 2 his brothers name is Parker, when he shouts on him it sounds like hes saying
F%%ker lol

Kristy said...

I gave up watching TV with the kids up, we don't have cable and we haven't found much in the way of family friendly programing. I've even dropped the country stations off my radio in the van because Kate started singing "God is Great, Beer is Good." Oops.

Yay for improved speech though!

Sky said...

I love this stage, so much fun!!!! Sky is my copy cat too. I hope you can get it on video so we can see and hear that little voice!!!

Sara said...

That seriously made me LOL!!! Such a blessing :)

P.S. I LOVED the butterfly post!! Where did your friend find that neat-o thing?! I think I want one!! How COOL!!


Kristen said...

Too funny! Mike and I don't even attempt to watch t.v. when the girls are up. The only safe channels besides the kids' ones are Home and Garden!! : )