Saturday, June 26, 2010


(Well, I guess it took me a little less time than I thought to figure out this new computer. Hooray!)

So on Friday we had a wonderful morning. Our day nurse, Jane, asked her friends if we could bring Dakin berry picking at their beautiful home. They agreed, and we headed out, despite the 85 degree (and ten thousand percent humidity) heat at 8:30 in the morning. We had a wonderful time--Dakin got to pick some berries, as well as feed a deer (we didn't get a shot of that, darn it!!) and pat a huge friendly dog. It was a morning of firsts, and we thoroughly enjoyed it!This is Bo. Dakin was so entranced with him...he wasn't spooked by the ventilator as other animals (those tigers...eek!) have been. Dakin watched him wherever he went. Bo even came and sat by him. According to Jane, (I didn't see it, since I was busy picking) Dakin reached his foot up and touched Bo. Bo turned around to look at him, and Dakin dropped his foot. Bo turned away, evidently unperturbed by this boy patting him with his foot, and Dakin touched him again with his little foot. He was such a gentle dog, and it was a great experience for Dakin, since he loves dogs but has only been close to one other one. All in all, despite the sweat, it was a great morning. You know how sometimes you just get one of those days? Friday was ours.


Junior said...

Dakin it sure looks like you had fun. The dog is beautiful and it sounds like he like you a lot. Hugs

Colleen said...

That sounds like a wonderful Friday!! It looks like Dakin had fun enjoying the animals.

Sky said...

so happy too see your back online :) your trip to pick berries looks like so much fun!!!!