Thursday, April 22, 2010

Perfect Day

Today we made the 2.5 hour drive to Dallas to see the neurologist. Of course, once Dakin realized where we were, the freakout session started. Ah well. But he fortunately eventually calmed down and charmed the PA, who seemed to be surprised on how well he is doing. It was nice to hear it from her. :)

It was a very short appointment, though, and since it was so short we decided on a whim to visit the BODIES exhibit in downtown Dallas. I have been wanting to go for a while, and it was unbelievable. Just to see the beautiful, majestic bodies with their muscles and nerves and bones and everything As you can probably guess, Dakin wasn't horribly interested, but he didn't fuss. He did find a girlfriend though, near the skull with the veins highlighted.

After we checked out a restaurant, and Dakin checked out everyone around him. On the way home he fell asleep for about 10 minutes and then was up and ready to go again. He was in such a good mood the entire drive, which is a huge blessing, since he can get miserable on it.

So just a review of today. It was a perfect day...and completely unplanned. We have gotten to a point with Dakin that we can really take him out a lot more than we used to, and in a more spontaneous manner. It is so nice to just live like a normal person sometimes.

And then tonight...I was singing 'Poker Face' and Dakin decided he was going to as well. I will get video and post it--it's hilarious!


Stitch 'N Love said...

Aww! I am so happy that ya'll had a great day! Tell Dakin that "Poker Face" is one of Zack's favorite songs too. He also loves "Hey Baby" We have Lips on the 360. Between that and Rock Band, Zack is one happy kid. Now if we can only teach him HOW to actually play Rockband, we will be doing good, lol

Love to all of you!

Maria B. said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the video. I love videos. I've always meant to write how handsome Devon is, but you already know that.

Junior said...

sounds like a great day, it is nice to be able to just go out.

Kristen said...

So glad to hear that you had a great day! I think that all the little kids like 'Poker Face'. : )

Amanda said...

What a blessing!

I've been wanting to see that dang bodies exhibit for years! I'm kinda a little bit jealous ;)

April said...

HOORAY! It's so nice to get out and enjoy Spring!

beth said...

Wasn't the Bodies exibit fantastic! I loved it.

Sara said...

Yay for a good trip!!! We saw the Bodies Exhibit in Houston last year, and it was amazing! I tried to click your link to see if it was the same one we saw, but the link didn't work for me :\ We took Raia to it too, and she wasn't too interested either, but like Dakin, she didn't fuss, so all was well :)
Glad you all got out and had a great time!!