Thursday, December 17, 2009


One of our favorite Christmas things to do is to go to Santaland, right outside of Lindale, TX. Santaland, in case you missed the post last year, is a huge drive-through light display. As you can see in the pics below, they have a variety of different lit forms--we of course had to take a picture of the butterflies.

Dakin really enjoyed this trip, as he did last year. I love Santaland because it's a 'no strings attached' type of trip--we stay in the car and only have contact with the person who takes our money to enter, so he's not exposed to anyone. And of course, he loves the lights. It was pretty cold out the night we went, so we snugged him up in this carseat and he enjoyed the show.
After, we got some hot chocolate from Starbucks. Great night.


Sara said...

I love the butterflies! Glad you guys could get Dakin out to enjoy the Christmas spirit in a relatively germ free environment! What a cool idea!


Junior said...

that looks like so much fun.
Dakin we think of you every time we see butterflies.

Sky said...

oh how beautiful, I bet Dakin had so much fun! i wish our weather was warm enough to take Sky out to something like that.

TMI Tara said...

This is lovely :)

We went to a similar light display tonight. Chloe was just squealing with delight!

Dana said...

We discoverd this as well. IT's the perfect Christmas fun without the cold/Flu germs creeping in. Hopefully we will make it tomorrow night. We have 21 inches of snow here.