Friday, November 20, 2009

Pound Out SMA/SMARD Finishes!

Hi all! Well, we are nearing the end of November, and so Pound Out SMA/SMARD is officially at an end. I managed to lose, out of my goal of 30 pounds...


Oh well. I did get some weight gone, and my partner did fantabulously, so I don't feel so bad. But it is that time that we must needs gather our pledges. So, if you pledged me 1.00/pound, you can donate your 10.00 at Unite for the Cure, or you can send me a check (email me if you want to go that route).

Now, let me remind can still donate 30.00 even though I'm lame and only lost 10 pounds. Or you can donate 15 dollars. Or 8,000,000 if you like. Every little or big bit helps. Dr. Keirstead's research was recently named by Esquire magazine as one of 6 projects that will change science--and maybe, just maybe, might be able to help Dakin breathe on his own someday. And walk.

Anyway, I will have a final total for you all once the pledges are in! Thanks again for your support!!


Stitch 'N Love said...

I sent in my donation. It was only for $10 because, well, it's about all I have in my Propay account, lol.

Amanda said...

10 lbs is still awesome, Congrats!!

TMI Tara said...

Hi sweet girl.

My very dear friend's daughter was just diagnosed with SMA.

Will you go visit her blog? She's going to need a lot of support right now from someone/anyone who understands.

Thank you. I'm just trying to think of anything I can do. If you have any words of advice, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

Sara said...

Can I send a money order? Do I make it out to you, or Families of SMA?