Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yikes and Double Yikes

Well, we have been so so so diligent in keeping germs out as much as we can be--kicking nurses out who even have a shade of a sniffle, constant Germ-Xing, etc., etc. But despite our best efforts, Mommy has come down with strep, which is why there has been no updates--sorry. Thankfully it's not a bad case and I've been on antibiotics for 24 hours now (as well as in 'isolation' as much as I can be), so we should be ok. Please keep Dakin in your prayers to not come down with this. We WILL get through cold/flu season! Just 5 or so more weeks till we're in the clear!


brantley said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Devon!!

Victoria Strong said...

Oh no! Thinking of you and hoping this is only confined to you and quickly goes away.