Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tree Farm behind.  Oh well.  I am attempting to catch up before the end of the year!  So we dug out our trusty old fake Christmas tree on Black Friday--the day we usually set it up--only to find it was missing two legs.  Uh, no.  So we decided to head out to a tree farm and get the real deal. 

This little tree farm was absolutely perfect.  It was cold that day, but sunny and beautiful, and Dakin (kind of) enjoyed getting a tree.  Here is Dakin with Mommy and Nana.

 I wanted a nice pic of Dakin in front of the trees, but he just wouldn't smile.  I only got this half-smile when I told him that Santa doesn't come to boys who don't smile.  (TERRIBLE.  I KNOW).
 Dakin's favorite part was watching me saw down the tree.  See how cute and little ours is??  Since Nana is here and occupying the part of the living room where we would ordinarily put it, we got this little guy to go on the table. 

This was such a neat experience.  The people at the farm were lovely, the day was beautiful, and Dakin got to see where Christmas trees come from, grown on a local farm.  Loved it!!  And we will definitely be making this a tradition from now on!

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