Sunday, November 6, 2011

Disney 2011--Days 3 and 4!

So when I left you last, we were pretty much up a creek without a paddle with our battery broken.  I called our DME here in Texas and they sent something overnight, which of course should have been at our hotel by Tuesday.  Oh no.  It came Wednesday.  Sigh.  Anyhoo, in a bout of boredom and itch to get out of the hotel room, it occurred to me that we could rig something to make the battery work.  So I send Daddy out to Walmart to get some stuff, and a couple of trips later, we had rigged an AC adapter to the battery ports and plugged it in to a portable something or rather.  We had no idea how long it would last, but we walked down to Downtown Disney to give it a shot.  It worked like a charm! 
Downtown Disney was awesome, except for when we tried to go to Rainforest Cafe for lunch.  BIG mistake.  Dakin was terrified of the artificial rainstorm and the animatronic monkeys.  Like, staring-in-abject-terror-at-them fear.  Not good.  So we took our food outside and continued to look around. 

I forgot to mention the other day the other thing we did to entertain ourselves during batterygate.  We took Dakin down the the pools...there is a little kiddie one, a round one that is all of 1.5 feet deep.  He LOVED it.  He called it the whirlpool (which really comes out more like 'woo-poo', a whole other source of amusement in itself).  The best part for him was splashing Daddy, who was only slightly exaggerating his fussing at being wet for the amusment of the little one; he REALLY hates being wet.  We got to go twice while we were in Florida--I wish we had one here.   

We waited in vain for the piece we needed to come on Tuesday, and about noon we sent Daddy out to Walmart one more time for the car battery charger.  We charged it for a few hours, which was good because hell or high water, we were going out Tuesday night--to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  We dressed Dakin in his King Pig (Angry Birds) shirt and took him over.  I would have taken more pics, but we got lost from Nana for a while and it got dark pretty quickly. 

This being Dakin's first time in the Magic Kingdom, I was pretty excited to show him everything.  We got in, bought a balloon (yellow Mickey head inside a clear round one) and headed to Pirates of the Caribbean.  We thought it might be a good starter ride.

Can you guess what happened?  Oh yes, Dakin hated it., so much for rides.  We decided to just walk around and enjoy what we could find.  We ended up at the Haunted Mansion (which is my favorite ride) and since there were no lines, Nana, Daddy and Dakin stayed at a table and watched people while I rode it.  We did walk by 'Philharmagic' and figured if Dakin hated it we could leave in the middle--and shockingly, he loved it!  It's a 3-D show with Disney music and starring Donald Duck--Dakin is a Donald fan, so we thought we would try it.  He refused to wear the 3-D glasses but loved the show.  Hooray!  Not a total bust!  We did, however, realize we left our balloon there later...

We ended up at a restaurant in Fantasyland and ate dinner, then continued on to Tomorrowland where I got to ride Space Mountain (LOVED the no line thing!!!!). 

At that point there were maybe, oh, 86 thousand people in the park and it was getting crazy crowded, so we decided to head home.  On the way out we bought another Mickey head balloon--this one was cooler, with changing lights inside.  It sounds strange, but it had been my goal to buy him one of those..

It turns out we left just in time.  I had wanted him to see the fireworks, but they started as we were leaving and the loud would have scared him.  So yeah.  The party was great but incredibly crowded.  The rigged battery performed perfectly.  Yes, yes, I am a genius.

 On the way out we stopped at the confectionery and Daddy got this caramel apple...Jack Skellington!  Cool, right? 


Bethany said...

I am so glad you were not stuck at the hotel and were able to rig up a system for Dakin's battery! Disney is my worst nightmare - crowds, flashng lights, loud noises,heat, crowds. But I am glad that Dakin enjoyed it and had so much fun!! I can't wait to hear more!! Oh, and Cocoa beach was where my family always went when I was growing up!! I love it!! I am thrilled Dakin got his little feet in the ocean!!

Whit, Lindsey, Jonas, and Maggie said...

I am just catching up, much FUN!!! Can't wait to hear more! This wasn't a Make-A-Wish was it?

Presley & Charlotte Gleason said...

YOU ARE THE SMARTEST WOMAN I KNOW!!!!! Thats why I call and text you for everything!!! So glad you guys went!!! I love these pics still!!!