Saturday, December 1, 2012


Kairos moments lately:

Today: by Dakin's request, we rocked and sang and told Angry Birds stories in the rocking recliner.  For 45 minutes.  He said he wanted to stay there his whole life, and he asked me to sing our special secret song.  It was amazing.

He has become quite a little backseat driver: the other day out on the road I decided to speed up through a red light instead of having to stop suddenly.  He said, "I thought you were supposed to stop for yellow lights." I said, "No, you are supposed to slow down."  "Then why did you go through it?"

He has also been asking me about turning right on red.  Kid is ready for his driver's test.

I was expressing a desire for brownies, and this statement from the small one ensued:
"Yes get brownies. Brownies are good. I will drive the van to where the brownies are."

And another food-related discussion:
Me: "I am looking for something for dinner."
Small Dakin: "Butter is a good idea."
Me, laughing: "You think so?"
Dakin: "I am sure!"

And another:
"I'm hungry!" Me, trying to finish an email: "ok, hold on a sec." Dakin: "I'm STARVING. Get in the kitchen!!"

And one more food one (some of these are from clear back in June, but I am going over old Facebook posts for Dakin gems, and I would hate to not have any on here):
 "No, don't eat me! You're an omnivore. You eat meat. No, I said carnivore. You eat meat."

I reached over to tickle Dakin while he was hiding his face. He says, "You tickled me when my arms were up. That's mean. So you're a mean girl."

OK, I think that is it for now.  I have so many things I need to blog about.  I keep telling myself I am going to get back into the habit.  Sigh. 


Colleen said...

What sweetie...he will be driving in no time!!

R said...

Is this a good time to point out that there is now available a joystick steering system for a wheelchair-accessible van? :)

Valerie said...

I haven't been able to read many blogs for quite some time because of my classes, so I just got around to this one. How wonderful that you are writing down the cute conversations with him. I know you haven't written a post in a while so I hope you are all doing well.